An EEIP Energy Quiz

In a Nutshell

The EEIP has launched EnerWhizz, a mobile quiz game designed to educate users on energy innovation and reward them with prizes. This game, based on the EENOVA project, consists of rapid 45-second rounds with binary answer options. Players accumulate points, with the monthly top 50 earning rewards like eco-friendly products and energy-saving devices. Future versions aim to incorporate skill points exchangeable for smart objects and a Pro League with monetary rewards.

EnerWhizz, as a Progressive Web App (PWA), is accessible on multiple devices, particularly mobile, and offers gameplay continuity with full account creation. Available in 12 languages, it caters to a broad audience interested in energy topics. Prize eligibility requires a complete account and valid address within EU. The EnerWhizz quizzes from June to August will feature content related to the EU-co-funded EENOVA project.

Why EnerWhizz

EnerWhizz isn’t just about winning prizes (although those are pretty great!). It’s also a fun and engaging way to learn about the latest developments in energy innovation. The current questions are based on the EENOVA project, an EU-funded initiative focused on accelerating the energy transition. By playing EnerWhizz, you’ll gain valuable insights into cutting-edge technologies, policies, and best practices that are shaping the future of energy.