The EEIP has launched EnerWhizz, a mobile quiz game designed to educate users on energy innovation and reward them with prizes. This game, based on the EENOVA project, consists of rapid 45-second rounds with binary answer options. Players accumulate points, with the monthly top 50 earning rewards like eco-friendly products and energy-saving devices. Future versions aim to incorporate skill points exchangeable for smart objects and a Pro League with monetary rewards. EnerWhizz, as a Progressive Web App (PWA), is accessible on multiple devices, particularly mobile, and offers gameplay continuity with full account creation. Available in 12 languages, it caters to a broad audience interested in energy topics. Prize eligibility requires a complete account and valid address within EU. The EnerWhizz quizzes from June to August will feature content related to the EU-co-funded EENOVA project.

What is EnerWhizz?

EnerWhizz is a fast-paced, addictive quiz game designed to test your knowledge of energy-related topics. Each round consists of a 45-second quiz with five yes-or-no questions. Answer correctly, and you’ll rack up points to climb the leaderboard. The top 50 players each month will win amazing prizes, including stainless steel food containers, wood cheeseboards, and energy-saving boxes. And it is just the starting point. We are already working on further developed editions to enable real competitions with friends or colleagues, collection of skill points to exchange into smart objects and possibility to earn real cash points in a Pro League.

Why Play EnerWhizz?

EnerWhizz isn’t just about winning prizes (although those are pretty great!). It’s also a fun and engaging way to learn about the latest developments in energy innovation. The current questions are based on the EENOVA project, an EU-funded initiative focused on accelerating the energy transition. By playing EnerWhizz, you’ll gain valuable insights into cutting-edge technologies, policies, and best practices that are shaping the future of energy.

How to Play

Playing EnerWhizz is easy! It works on all devices but is designed for mobile use.

Simply click on the link, add a username and start answering questions.

You can play as many rounds as you like, and your points will accumulate over time. The more you play, the higher you’ll climb on the leaderboard and the closer you’ll get to winning those awesome prizes.

You can go on playing with the username alone as long as you want. But this is a link only to the device you are using to play, e.g. your mobile phone. You can set-up a full account with email and password anytime which gives you three advantages

Can I download the quiz as an app?

Yes, you can.
We have set EnerWhizz up as a PWA, a so called “progressive web app”. That means using

Alternatively, you can of course just use the link anytime you want to play.

Can I play in French or Spanish or Romanian language?

Yes, you can. You can play in 12 languages!
Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romania, Slovenian, Ukrainian,

Who Can Play?

EnerWhizz is open to everyone with a passion for energy and a thirst for knowledge. Whether you’re a student, a business professional, or simply someone who wants to make a difference, EnerWhizz is the perfect way to stay informed and engaged with the energy transition.

 Join the Energy Revolution!

Don’t miss out on this electrifying opportunity to learn, compete, and win with EnerWhizz. Give it a try today and join the energy revolution!

Remember: To be eligible for prizes, you must create a full account and provide a valid postal delivery address in one of the EU Member States or Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, or the UK.

Disclaimer: EnerWhizz Quizzes June, July and August are featuring the EENOVA project, co-funded by the European Union. For more information about EENOVA, please visit

EEIP AI policy: We are using various AI tools such as ChatGPT, Gemini or Claude to draft and/or enhance creation of questions.